Installation of DigiSheetDesktop (Windows)

Install DigiSheet on Windows

Download and execute the .msi - Installer for Windows. Make sure your Computer meets the minimum system requirements.
Select the location where DigiSheet shall be installed and continue by clicking "next".
Accept the User-Agreement by clicking on next.
The installer will now install DigiSheetDesktop and DigiSheetServer on your Computer.

Setup and run DigiSheetServer

Start by executing "DigiSheetDesktop". You will see the LoginWindow. Create an Account or log in with an existing one.
If the Registration or Login Process suceeds, the Home-Screen will be displayed.
Switch to the Tab "Server". Click on "Start Server". A Firewall-Window will pop up. Click "allow" for private and public networks.
If the Status-Text changes to "DigiSheetServer running." your DigiSheetServer is running and ready to use.
You can stop it manually by clicking on "Stop Server". The displayed IPv4-Address will be used for connecting your DigiSheetApp.